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Please note: is a social website providing a place to meet and get to know other single Christian Scientists from around the world. The website and private messaging system are not to be used to disseminate political or religious viewpoints (even under the name of "Christian Science").

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Whether you join as a FULL member or an ASSOCIATE member you will help grow our membership which will encourage other single Christian Scientists to join as well. Its a good place to meet new, like-minded friends and you could quite possibly meet that special someone for the next chapter in your life!
" husband and I were married in October thanks to meeting via Christian Science Singles in mid December....One night shortly before Christmas, I felt led to glance at the web site one last time. I found my now husband's brand new bio and I briefly contacted him via the website's private webmail. We met in person for the first time in February . The rest is now history! Our marriage has been a wonderful blessing for both of us! Since he is from California and I am from Texas we feel we probably would not have met were it not for Christian Science Singles. Thank you for bringing us together!"

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